Data Coordinating Center (DCC)

The data coordinating center (DCC) houses a multidisciplinary team that helps to collect and monitor information on multiple, randomized prevention trials based at three different universities across the country.

​These universities include UCSF, Boston University, and the University of Colorado at Denver.

​The trials are focused on preventing early childhood tooth decay or caries in high risk populations.

​ The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) funds the Early Childhood Caries Collaborative Centers known as EC4, which includes UCSF, Boston University, and the University of Colorado at Denver​

The EC4 collaborative is engaged in research comparing ways to prevent dental caries in children and also seeks to integrate and implement current scientific understanding across a variety of primary care and social service settings.

​The National Institutes of Health (NIH) tapped UCSF to house the DCC for the three centers.

​The responsibilities of the DCC include:

• Refining protocols, manuals of procedures
• Coordinating working group activities
• Fostering database integration & standards
• Coordinating common data elements
• Implementing & refining clinical trials management systems
• Ensuring physical & electronic database security
• Monitoring trial accrual & adverse events
• Performing quality assurance activities
• Refining data analysis plans
• Performing primary data analyses
• Consulting on cross‐center analyses
• Reviewing abstracts & manuscripts
• Sharing data as per data use agreement
• Coordinating external scientific advisory committee (ESAC) and data & safety monitoring board (DSMB) logistics

​The DCC has expertise in setting up and administering dental or oral health clinical trials and data collection and management.

​Please consider working with the DCC, if assistance is needed in these areas.

Additional Service Provided by the DCC to the General UCSF Community

•Preparing tables for reporting clinical trial results in ClinicalTrials.Gov

ClinicalTrials.Gov Results Reporting Consulting Service

ClinicalTrials.Gov Results Reporting SAS macros